Emulsion Based Oil
مشخصات روغن تراش 220 روش آزمون
ظاهر امولسیون سفید شیری
دانسیته در15 درجه سانتیگراد Kg/dm3 885 ASTM D-1298
pH  محلول 5% با آب 8.5 – 9
آزمون خوردگی قابل قبول IP-329

These oils are obtained by mixing high quality refined mineral oils with emulsifiers, antibacterial agents and other additives.


Lathe is used in milling or cutting operations, general machining such as CNC drilling, etc.

:Special Properties

Simply dye with milky water.

Hard to adapt to all types of waters.

Has high emulsion stability.

Contains antibacterial and anti-corrosive substances.

15 to 20 times more water can be added per unit of oil.

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